Bellamy Mansion!

Bellamy Mansion

Wilmington, NC is home to several historic homes but the Bellamy Mansion is the perfect portrait of architecture and design in the plantation South. The home, originally built for John Dillard Bellamy, his wife Eliza McIlhenny Harriss and their nine children, became the headquarters of the Federal Troops after nearby Fort Fisher was lost in 1865 and Wilmington was occupied by the Union.

Like many homes of that time period, the house features slave quarters, or servant’s quarters, where the house staff lived and the majority of the cooking and laundry for the family was done. The building, separated from the main house, is very typical of southern homes at the time and gives an accurate depiction of the living conditions.

One of the main features of the Bellamy Mansion is the beautiful gardens. Mrs. Bellamy began her gardens in 1865, once the war had ended the Bellamys were able to move back into their home. The elaborate gardens became a point of pride for the family although they didn’t conform to landscaping norms of the time. Once Mrs. Bellamy passed away in 1907, the gardens fell into disarray and it wasn’t until the restoration in 1992 when archaeologists began to research and rebuild the gardens the way they would have been in the 1870s.

Bellamy Mansion HistoricalToday, we are lucky enough to be able to visit the awe-inspiring home the Bellamys built so long ago. Tours are available Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Admission Prices:

Adult $12
Senior and Military Discount $10
Student $6
Children under 5 free
Passport (three house) $28
Town & Country (with Poplar Grove) $20

The Bellamy Mansion is located at 503 Market Street in Downtown Wilmington. For more information about the Bellamy Mansion visit their website

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